Monday, September 24, 2012

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow?

Hello my friends. I need to rant a bit about the ongoing hair problem. Last time I spoke on this topic, I think, I looked something like this...

But as with all things, time brings change.

Not too awful, but the above picture was taken a couple of hours after a shower. My head is covered with lots of conditioner and other anti-frizz products which I detest, but if I don't use them, I look like this.

You will agree with me that this is not a good look.

Everyone has an opinion about what I should do with my hair...everyone but me. I get comments like...

Cherish the curls. Nurture them. Use "No Poo" or "Some Poo". Don't wash it! (That one really mystifies me given the reality illustrated above.) Don't dry it! Go to a salon that does nothing but cut curls one hair at a time. Try this vitamin! Use this lotion! Cut the sides! Cut the back! Never cut it! 

And then there are the comments from people who haven't seem me in a long time.

  • "Oh what beautiful curls! Did you always have curls like that?" (As they are giving me this compliment they are patting me on the head with increasing vigor trying, like I do every morning, to smash down the chaotic growth coming out of my skull.
  • "Wow, I cannot believe your hair!I wish I had curls (this word seems to be polite code for ungodly frizz) like that. (This from a person with straight silky locks. Come on...really?)
  • "Oh my god! Look at you! I love it? What did you do to get those curls! (Oh just a couple of mastectomies, a few months of chemotherapy, some radiation, and a lot of time in bed...)
All I want is hair that is long enough to pull back in a pony tail as I have done most of my life. 

This is as close as I can get to a pony tail.

I know, the resemblance is painfully obvious. 

Oh well. In a couple of weeks I have an appointment at one of those strange salons that cuts each curl individually. Maybe that will help. If not, I may consider going back to this.

As always, happy to hear your thoughts.

Happy fall and lots of love.


  1. For what it is worth, I heard comments about people wanting my (frizzy, uncontrolled) curls for about 30 years... It stopped when I switched sides and started to get it professionally straightened. It tool me until around age 26 to really understand how to care for it. If you would like pointers on caring for curls, I am happy to share, but I am not going to force it on you :)

    I have seen before where people have lost their hair while going through cancer treatments, and it grows back curly. The concept fascinates me - what is changing so significantly in your body that it causes your to make that kind of change? What happens if you have curly hair to start? Will it ever grow in straight again? To be clear, I am not looking to you for the answers... it is just one of those things that makes me curious.

  2. Well Ms Amy: The most important thing really, is that you are still YOU, and the you with curly hair is still just as adorable and dimpled as the you with very short hair, or long straighter hair. As to the management of curls, given that I've been growing my hair out from it's long-time super short length, mine too is remarkable curly. Most of the time I feel like I have a bird's nest on my head! Product does seem to help in the taming process, but I'd love YOUR advice on cutting the curls when you go and do so with whoever it is that you're going to! Mostly I'd just like to see you at all…and Mr. A as well. Thinking of you in all your dimpled curliness! xx

  3. i have curly hair and will start chemo next week. if i'm not getting my curls back i'm going to cry! i actually went to a hair salon that cuts each curl individually. curly hair has to be cut differently and your hair has to be dry and not wet. i'm not sure what products you use, but aveda has a wonderful line called 'be curly'. it smells really good as well!

  4. I second Ciel's recommendation of Aveda's "Be Curly" line. It doesn't feel heavy and sticky. I have always had wavy/curly hair, and after chemo (summer 2011), it is coming back...wavy/curly. And less gray! It can't grow fast enough for me, either. It has just now started to move when the wind blows! Can you tolerate headbands? They can at least smush your hair down.